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Derrick: today’s beard, 2017/04/27

Name: Derrick.
Occupation: Pharmacist.

About Derrick’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? I grew my beard to express my manhood and my personality. My dad has always had one and I always thought facial hair was neat!

What do you think of your beard? I think my beard is manly! I think it is a part of me and is a work of art.

How do you feel about your own beard? I feel very strongly about my beard! My beard is a part of who I am. I do not feel right without it! I use it to portray myself to others as well as identify with myself. I feel growing a beard has contributed to developing many good character traits.

How long have you been bearded? My mustache came in pretty thick when I was eleven. At fourteen I had the ability to grow a decent goatee. However, I did not regularly keep facial hair until I grew my first beard in 2009.

How do you like being bearded? I love being bearded! I am dedicated to the bearded lifestyle!

Derrick’s great beard represents great beard pride and brings out the best in him!

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