twenty million in May

twenty million gallery views in May 2012

The views counter on the galleries hit twenty million on May 16th.  Before I wrote it up, a database table crash ended up knocking the counter way back down quite a bit.  So we hit twenty million again on May 28th.  This illustrates that the true number remains unknown, but we do know that it’s higher than what the counter shows.  Thanks to all for your interest in all about beards.

2 thoughts on “twenty million in May”

  1. “One of my passions is painting in oils and I’m also an amateur art historian. The artists I’ve loved painted their contemporaries in a time when facial hair was much more common than today. I enjoy looking at art from hundreds of years ago and am always intrigued by the types of beards represented. My beard connects me in some way with men from the past.” (Scott) Indeed – that’s the way I feel about it. Think of men like him:

  2. I’m not sure if this is the same gentlemen that you made the beard video with but I enjoyed those, and really admire this guy’s beard. You always showcase the thickest beards; gives younger men something to look up to and aspire to.

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