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  1. Wow that beard is amazing! Really dense and perfectly combo’s with the fedora. Kinda weird how often people will start wearing hats once they grow a beard.
    To the Editor of Beards.org: I added my website in the comment and just wanted to let you know I back linked your site from mine under “Beard Related Websites.” I’ve been a fan of this site for a long time and thought it was fitting. Thanks for everything.

  2. Greetings! I don’t know how long it took Andy to grow to this length. I will ask him soon. Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

  3. I dont want to speak out of turn, but I seem to be obsessed with how long it would take me to grow a long beard. I have measured my own beard for about three months at 4 week intervals, and mine seems to grow slower on my chin about 5/8th of an inch and the rest at a little under 3/4of an inch. With this in mind just in 12 mon. I would have it 8″ 7″‘on the sides and 7″ 5″‘ on my chin after a year. I sure this is very different for everone and this is just an estimate because I’ve never gotten the courage up to let it go that long but I’m working on it. The longest I’ve ever got was 2″ but even with that I’m continuously obsessing and wanting to trim it somewhere because I think it doesn’t look good enough. The best thing to do is stop looking in the mirror and walk away. So with all that said I think this beard could be reached at a year and maybe a few months.

  4. The other comments got me thinking to post this suggestion I have been wanting to make. The photos often show when the guy started growing their beard but the photos don’t mark the date they were posted, so it makes it difficult judging how long it took to grow without a posted on or taken on date.

  5. Hi, Craig,
    Sorry for my delay… Good suggestion. Actually, when viewing any photo in the gallery, there is an icon in the upper right of the frame around the photo. Mouse over it to see “Display/hide file information”. Click it to toggle the display of file information on or off. Listed in the file information is “Date added:” That can give you some idea, but it does not necessarily reflect how long it took to grow a particular beard.

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