Chris: beard update, featured image

beard update: Chris

I recently saw Chris riding his bicycle.  He agreed to pause for some quick photos.  We then planned to meet again the next day to take more.  Here are some shots from the first quick photo session.

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View more photos of Chris with his incredible beard here:

Chris’ awesome, industrial-strength beard

Bearded at night: Chris

Maybe a great beard is just what you need this year

Chris: beard thick and strong

16 thoughts on “beard update: Chris”

  1. Good density but the cheeks are dangerously close to being butchered by over-shaping. I’d let it grow for a few months and review the cheekline at that time.

  2. Great to hear from you again, J. He had done some beard reduction for summer. Cheeks were higher prior to that. Hope to see them back up again and with more growing time allowed for the overall length.

    1. thanks! do you have a e-mail address, as I would like to keep in contact with you. I hope you don’t mind me asking you.

  3. looks like it hasn’t grown much since those initial pics you posted and the cheeks have been cut down……..

  4. Greg! Sorry I missed your comment earlier. He did grow it out quite a bit, although I didn’t get photos. Then he cut it down for the summer heat. He reports that the super density of his beard does cause discomfort during hot weather.

    Vince, he plans to keep the beard indefinitely. However, he may cut back on it during hot weather. As cooler temperatures are on the way, he may be more inclined to restore the bigger growth.

    1. hi, yes that’s what I do! I grow mine in the cooler months, it’s better that way.

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