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  1. I came across the beard.org website by chance whilst preparing a recent blog post of my own. The post was about my habit of growing a beard each winter – having seen this fine specimen I feel like not bothering…. that is one hell of a beard.

  2. Crofty, I hope you were just having fun with poetic license. It sounds like your beard fills in well enough by the middle of winter. If that is true, and if you keep letting it grow into the next summer (assuming outside forces allow that), then you’d find other men envying your beard.

  3. You’re right, of course, I was using my newly acquired poetic licence; my beard is proudly displayed despite the derision of colleagues – who I suspect of simply being jealous, they being unable to grow one!

    It’s a while since I’ve had a full beard and I have to say I like it. The recently acquired grey bits seem to add texture and warmth giving it that cosy appeal usually associated with Harris Tweed.

    Now that is taking my poetic licence too far – I’ll get it revoked at this rate!

  4. Chris: What a fantastic beard! That is a great reflection of what a great beard is all about — full, majestic, and masculine. From one beard wearer to another, that is terrific work, my friend!

  5. I am a fulbright student at Parsons doing my masters in Photography. I apologise for this unsolicited email. I started this fall and I am working on a project where I need a volunteer who sports a beard. I have asked around as many people as I could but havent made any headway. Any people of color /mexican/south american/middle eastern person will do. I badly need that help for my project. I Since we dont have any cultural organisation at the New School, I didnt know who else to write to. Your help will be really appreciated. Would be eagerly awaiting your reply.
    They can write to me for any queries or further questions as to what the shoot is all about etc.

    P.S Large 17×22” enlargements are yours to keep. I live in NYC so, someone living in New york city area would do. please reply to me as soon as you can

    Madiha Aijaz
    MFA Photography & related Technologies
    Parsons – The New school for Design

  6. Man, a “blockbuster” beard. Congratulations. I am looking forward for an update.

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