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Brock: today’s beard, 2016/12/30

Name: Brock.
Occupation: Welder.

About Brock’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? To raise money for men’s prostate cancer.

What do I think about my beard?

  • It’s my partner in crime.
  • Has special cushioning features.
  • Protects me from females.
  • Flaps majestically in the wind.

How do I feel about my beard?

  • Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • It’s well maintained.
  • Soft.
  • Sometimes gets in the way of food.

How long have I been bearded? One year.

How do I like being bearded? Has its pros and cons. My lumberjack qualities and navigation have improved dramatically.

Brock has grown an amazing beard to assist with a great cause: fighting men’s prostate cancer. His big full beard also is a powerful show of support for the bearded cause!

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