Shepherd Sesquicentennial Beard Contest

Michigan’s Village of Shepherd celebrates its 150th anniversary this month. Part of the celebration is a beard contest. Word is that there are about twenty competitors. Judging will take place on the 18th of August and the bearded competitors will march in the parade on the 19th. The contest has its own blog: Shepherd Sesquicentennial Beard Contest. Check it out!

Best of luck to all competitors! And congratulations to the Village of Shepherd on its 150th anniversary!

happy two million!

At 1:59 PM PDT today, the photo gallery hit two million views! Counting began on the 26th of January of 2006 when most of the site’s standalone photo galleries were converted to the current system (Coppermine Photo Gallery). The true number of views is actually higher than what appears on the counter at any time because a hard drive failure on the server a while back forced a recovery from an older version of the database. That rolled the count back by several day’s worth of views. The count also does not reflect the total number of image views on the site since January 26, 2006 because some of the site’s galleries are still standalone — including the popular “original truly outstanding beard gallery” — and image views in those galleries are not included in the count. Nevertheless, the 2,000,000 views milestone is worth some celebrating!

Who was lucky number two million? Patrick of the District of Columbia in the USA:

Patrick -- number two million!

Click on the photo above to view the full-sized image in the gallery. Congratulations, Patrick! And in a self-congratulatory mood, congratulations to “all about beards” at!

great day for beard photography

Salvatore: the goatee supremacy

Yesterday, Salvatore kindly posed for another set of original photographs for all about beards. This is part of all about beards’ ongoing effort to produce more and more original, high-quality beard photography. Look for Salvatore’s photos in a site update coming soon.

advising Andy

Andy has grown a lot of beard and is wondering now what to do with it.

Andy's beard!

Andy’s grown his beard fairly long, as seen in the first two views. Then he trimmed it down to the length seen in the third view. He’s thinking about changing up his beard style some more and is looking for some suggestions. If you think you know what beard style would be best for Andy, please comment. (Comments are held in moderation to keep out the automated spam comments. I’ll approve your real comments as soon as I see them. Your patience is appreciated!)

great beards are for everyone!

Great beards are for everyone! It’s true. While it’s also true that not everyone can grow a great beard, everyone can enjoy the sight of a great beard. A great beard rarely fails to command attention and impress. What’s more is that great beards serve as great inspiration to others to grow their beards, too. For those with less abundant beard growth, great beards frequently still inspire them to grow what they can and to make the most of their facial hair potential. If you’ve grown a great beard, congratulations and thanks! If you can grow a great beard but haven’t, start growing now! Others will benefit from the inspiration of your example.

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