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Nate Maingard, bearded singer performs

Nate Maingard is a bearded singer-songwriter from South Africa. Nate first appeared on in 2008 with his first photo submission for the beards of the world gallery. Following that, Nate kept in touch and became a good friend of the site. We corresponded and discussed some of his struggles with staying bearded. Nate would quite successfully grow his impressive full beard. Then, he would get rid of the beard and subsequently come to miss the beard. Nate’s beard would come and go time and again. But in the process he became quite skillful in mastering the art of growing a beard. As a result, Nate became an expert on beard growing, beard styling, and beard grooming in addition to being a talented singer and songwriter. Music, clearly is Nate’s true passion. However, he certainly knows what he’s doing whenever he grows his beard.

With Nate being so far away in South Africa, I never thought it too likely that we would ever meet in person. He’s also lived in London at times. But London, too, is quite distant.

However, Nate has also been a globetrotter, going between South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the USA, among other destinations. During one of his trips to California, we had the opportunity to meet up. This was back in December 2012. We did a photo and video shoot for Many of the photos went into Nate’s beard feature. The video footage went into a video series, Nate’s beard story, that was published in 2013. In his beard video series, Nate shares his expertise in dealing with beard-growing doubts, successfully growing the beard, and he gives guidance on beard shaping and more.

While shooting video with Nate, he gave an impromptu, street performance of one of his songs, a ballad titled “Home”. Not originally included in Nate’s beard video series, I’ve recently published Nate’s performance of “Home”. Better late than never, this video provides a perfect ending to Nate’s original beard video series. For a real treat, watch Nate’s performance of “Home” in the embedded video below.

Today, Nate continues making music and growing his beard. The beard may still come and go. But Nate always returns to the beard.

For more on Nate and his music, visit Nate’s website,

Three miles from Paisley Park


This photo shoot with Scott took place three miles from Prince’s Paisley Park.  And I did not know it at the time.  What’s more is that I’d driven right by Paisley Park on the way to and from the photo shoot without even noticing it.  I was a visitor to the area.

Scott wanted a photo shoot at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  He even sprang for the fee for the Arboretum’s photography permit.  It was a perfect location for a photo shoot.  Little did I know, however, that we were in Prince’s neighborhood.

Following the shock of Prince’s sudden passing this week, I was curious to learn more about his Paisley park studio and residence.  I was surprised to discover that it is right next to Arboretum Boulevard, the main route to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.   According to Google maps, it is a distance of three miles from Paisley Park to the Arboretum.

I never would have been considered to be a big Prince fan.  I liked “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” well enough to buy the album.  Apart from that, I was familiar with some of his music by hearing it played on the radio.  But I did not really follow him.

I never saw Prince with a beard.  I took notice when he appeared with surprisingly dense stubble, sculpted into designer shapes.  I would have liked to see him grow it all out at least once.

Now that he is suddenly gone, I’ve learned a lot more about him.  I admire his fierce independence as well as his extraordinary musical talent.  What really surprised and pleased me were the numerous accounts of the many ways he interacted with and remained a part of his hometown community.

I’ve gained a new appreciation for Prince and wish that I’d done so while he was still alive.  I’m sorry that I passed by his house twice in one day without even knowing it was there or that he might have been there.

Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson.

great beard song!

Noah recently wrote to inform me that some other students at his school told him about After checking out the site, he was inspired to write a song about beards! He performs his song in this video:

(Defunct video link removed.)


I got the invitation
A month in advance.
They said it’s black tie optional
Just no athletic pants.

My head starts to accelerate
What should I wear?
I’m really more worried
About what do with my hair!

Who don’t like facial hair?
They’re insane, I must declare!
Having a beard is the best thing in the land
It is the manliest part of being a man!

I will be warm in the winter
I will be looking totally extreme
The only problem at the moment
Is that I am only fifteen!

So when can I grow it?
It will be here soon, I guess
While I’m growing my soul patch
I’ll be growing it with finesse!

Chin Curtain? FO CERTAIN!
Balbo? FO SHO!
Extended goatee? YES PLEASE!
Just grow a ‘stache, or maybe a soul patch

Who don’t like facial hair?
They’re insane, I must declare!
Having a beard is the best thing in the land
It is the manliest part of being a man!


Awesome song, Noah!!! Thanks!

aunque huyas tú siempre sabrás

All right, this has nothing to do with beards…except that Diego, who does the lead vocal on this song, has been seen with a beard at times. I always liked the original version of this song and this remake is even better.

UPDATE: The embedded YouTube link went bad. One that still works has been substituted above. Below, I’m adding the video of the original version. If you watch closely, you’ll see a young Paulina Rubio and Thalí­a. They did not return for the remake.

UPDATE II: The YouTube link went bad again and has been removed. Sorry!