Conner was kind enough to participate in an official photo shoot yesterday. Don’t let the blonde color fool you. This is one powerful beard! Conner will be joining the featured beards section in the near future. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are some preview photos from yesterday’s photo shoot.

Conner with his powerful beard
Conner with his powerful beard
Conner with his powerful beard
Conner with his powerful beard
Conner with his powerful beard
Conner with his powerful beard

Thanks, Conner!

6 thoughts on “Conner!”

  1. AWESOME beard!!!! how old or should I say how young is this bearded man??? A mature beard, but quite a boyish face! From the looks of it, that beard would grow quite high on the cheeks as well as i detect some stubble going/growing higher than the defined cheek line. Just incredible Steve! Where do you find all of these near perfect bearded guys?

  2. Thanks, Greg! Conner is just a very young lad with an amazing beard. 🙂 And he’s had a beard this mature and substantial for quite some time already. He submitted a few photos for the site. They were fairly low-res photos and the beard wasn’t seen too clearly. But I had a feeling that his beard was quite strong. It turned out that his beard was even more impressive than I expected. I heartily congratulate Conner on his first-class full beard!

  3. His beard looks great.

    My only regret was submitting mine to the worldwide gallery before acquiring sufficient length & volume to do it justice. Call it being young and intemperate!

    I do believe I possess the hairiest neck on this site, however, after viewing enough pictures over the years. I wonder if ever it’ll get its own spot in the “featured” section or if I need to go terminal with my beard to earn that lifetime honor. Judge for yourself (pics below). 😉

    PS. Thanks for keeping the site running all these years and leaving the original HTML and template intact. It wouldn’t be the same place with flash and cutting-edge graphics.

  4. Joey,

    Thanks so much for your feedback here and your contributions to the gallery! No need to regret submitting your beard before it grew out more. You can grow it out and send in new photos…maybe even for a beard feature!!!

    I’ve kept the same look for the site for quite a while now because running the site never leaves enough time to do a new design. One may happen sometime fairly soon now anyway. But I’ll always lean towards keeping it clean and simple.

    Thanks again!

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