3 thoughts on “Jared!”

  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Steve, where did you find this guy??? The beard is OUTSTANDING!!! I have never seen such dense growth! How long does he hope to grow it? Or should I say how wide?!? Looks to be so dense it grows more out than down…… Another excellent find. How do you find all these great beards?

  2. Thanks, Greg! Jared’s beard is quite amazing, for sure. He plans to continue to let it grow out in all directions for a while. We will have updates along the way! Actually, Jared has been in the beards of the world gallery for a while. It was long overdue that we arranged for a photo shoot. Thanks again, Greg, for the great feedback!

  3. So many fine men, with so many fine beards. This one stands out and inspires my owns growth. You could hide things in that beard! Truly a man among unbearded boys. Remember: if your dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two mums. Two stupid beardless mums!

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