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Chris: beard thick and strong

Chris is a great guy with a really great beard. Chris’ beard is one that some would rightfully call a heavy beard. His beard is exceptionally thick and the area it covers is broad. With beard growth so dense, Chris prefers to keep it trimmed short during the months of hot weather. Even with his beard trimmed short, it’s always impressive. His beard growth is so strong that after just a couple of days without shaving, it looks like he’s grown a proper beard already.

Last month, I saw Chris by chance at the Tulsa Tough cycling event. An avid cyclist, Chris has participated in the Tulsa Tough race in the past. This year he just came to watch. He kindly offered to do some more photos for beards.org that afternoon as well as the following day. The weather on both days was bright sunshine and brutal heat. But Chris cheerfully braved the heat so that we could get some new photos. Some sample shots from both days appear in the gallery below.

It had been quite a while since I’d last seen Chris. This time his beard had just been freshly trimmed down short for the summer heat. Along with the trim, his beard had been shaped down a bit with the neck line a little higher and the cheek line lower, presenting a crisp, well-defined short beard. During the photo shoot, he showed me a photo from last winter in which he had he had let his beard all grow, substantially. The difference was amazingly impressive. One of these days, we finally need to do a photo shoot with Chris’ full-on winter beard! Meanwhile, the summer version of Chris’ beard, thick and strong, is pretty impressive, too.

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