Vincent again!

Vincent was kind enough to participate in a second photo shoot yesterday. Regarding Vincent and his beard, he is bold. He has the courage to grow the kind of beard that he wants, with a natural cheek line that reaches fairly high. And contrary to the fears expressed by others that higher cheek lines or natural cheek lines will bring a storm of criticism, Vincent has only received compliments, support, and appreciation for growing his bold beard. His beard pretty much demands admiration and respect!

Here are some sample shots from Vincent’s second photo shoot, starting with the very first shot of the afternoon.

Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard
Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard
Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard
Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard
Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard
Vincent with his mighty, mighty beard

Thank you, Vincent!

20 thoughts on “Vincent again!”

  1. Steve, i gotta ask, what is Vincent’s ancestory?? I am trying to figure out what produced such great beard genetics! Simply a stunning beard!

  2. His beard is certainly a sight to behold. But I miss seeing your beard, too. I wish you’d post more photos of it or at least a mustache pic. You always had a huge one. 🙂

  3. Me too I have some of my beard pictures on, but Vincent’ one is a must! Congrats Vincent and you cheek line is incredible!

  4. Vincent, this is true beard to the max! Perfect genetics in harmony with face. Great job, strong showing excellence!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Greg, I asked Vincent about sharing an answer to your question. Sorry for my delay in posting it. Here is Vincent’s reply:

    “My mother is from Guatemala. My father is from Mexico. I am told that my mother’s great grandfather was from Japan and my father’s great grandmother’s family was from Hungary. I’m pretty sure all those combinations have something to do with the hair on my face somehow. :-)”

  6. You are really bold to grow the beard that you want…and your amazing high natural cheek line… My admiration and respect to you and your eye-catching big full beard!

  7. Vincent: That’s a TRULY a awesome beard you have, my Brother!!! Well done indeed. Working on my beard right now. Want it a bit thick. Not as thick as yours, but that’s fine w’ me. Thanks again & please take care!!!

  8. Hey guys . I too have a higher beard line. So I just trim it straight from my ear to my mustache. I was wondering if I should curve it like others do. But I think it would look strange

    1. Hi, Stan. There’s no need to curve it unless that’s a look that you want to try. It doesn’t sound like it is, though. It sounds like you have a great beard and are doing a great job with the higher cheek line! Congrats!

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