John: powerful, classic full beard featured image

John: powerful classic full beard


John’s definitely got the genuine classic full beard turned up to full power.  He was kind enough to participate in a photo shoot yesterday for some serious beard photography.  The photo shoot also included a special guest appearance by Mike and his mighty beard.  Preview shots of the resulting combined bearded glory are here.

Stay tuned for a lot more of John on   Here are some preview shots from John’s photo shoot.


8 thoughts on “John: powerful classic full beard”

  1. That is one of the best beards I have ever seen.Very cool John, good job. Thanks

  2. i have a big big problem about my beard…
    it really grows different… it grows standing and it scatters…
    not like yours… im very sda about this…

  3. Even it i’ll make it grow longer…
    even if i trim it… still, it won’t grow like else does…
    mine is different…
    can you help me about my beard problem??? 🙁

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